Anne S. White has written a number of books which are available through VMTC in each country. Each of the books are in an easy to read style, and bear reading more than once! Prices are not included as these will vary in each country.

    Healing Adventure. (First published 1969 and since revised)
    This is Anne's first book, and the one covering the widest scope of healing ministry. Anne begins with recounting her own experience of the healing of her son that led to the development of VMTC Prayer Ministry. Anne is concerned that healing ministry today is rooted in a sound understanding of Jesus' healing ministry and the Scriptures. The starting point for Anne is that sickness is not the will of God. She has a very useful study of the ways that Jesus healed and the conditions for healing.

    She then goes on to a very practical study of various avenues of healing today. The book deals with the wide range of emotional barriers to healing. Anne sees healing not just when a person gets well, but when they are made whole. She also looks at the place of deliverance ministry.

    Trial By Fire (First published in 1976)
    Because of the practical experience of trials that Anne S. White experienced as a result of establishing VMTC Prayer Ministry, this book had to be written. Becoming a Christian does not release us from being tempted by Satan. The book begins by describing in a very practical way the basis for our victory over ourselves, our circumstances and Satan, in our new birth in Christ, in the gift of God's armour, in the Lordship of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.

    The remainder of the book examines various areas of trial in our lives.

    Jesus All in all (First published 1980)
    This book is a call to total commitment. Anne sees this as a necessary part of being involved in spiritual warfare . Because we have been given all authority, we are commanded to teach Christ's disciples to observe all his commands. Our commitment expresses itself through prayer. It is sharpened through testing, temptation and suffering. Anne challenges us with the fact that Jesus was totally involved in spiritual warfare. The book comes with a useful study guide.

    Freed To Live (First published 1989)
    After many years of ministry this book is written to emphasize the need to gain freedom from the many bondages in life. Anne helps readers to understand and experience the freedom that we should be experiencing through the victory of Christ, the authority of God's Word and the power of the Holy Spirit. Anne looks are various areas of life where we can find freedom. We can find it in trusting him for our needs, freedom in praise, freedom from inner termites in our hearts, and freedom in our families and church relationships.

    The book contains a useful appendix explaining the nature and principles of VMTC Prayer Ministry. There are a number of examples of the working out of this throughout the book.

    Winning Victory in Spiritual Warfare (First published 1998)
    This is a valuable addition to Anne's already published books - giving her personal story and background to VMTC history. She shares about the many battles fought and victories won in the various countries through the power of prevailing prayer. Anne shares how she has coped with sickness, weariness, frustrations, traffic accidents and other barriers to her work, but also the amazing achievements and healings that have occurred in many countries through the courage of one woman.